Recruitment Procedure

Recruitment Procedure at Prestige H.R. Solution is efficient and quick. On receipt of the original recruitment documents from the client, interviews are organized within 7 to 10 days.

Documents Required

The following original documents are required from the client’s by the Government of Nepal for the recruitment from Nepal:

  • Demand Letter
  • Power of Attorney
  • ¬†Employment Agreement Contract
  • Agreement between the Company and GOC
  • Guarantee Letter

For Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Additional documents are required which are:

  • ¬†Visa Bank Slip
  • Consulate Authorization Letter (Wakala)
  • Commercial Registration Copy
  • Enjaz Visa


Interview Process
Day 01 : Advertising in authorized daily newspapers.
Day 05 : Pre-screening of all suitable candidates .
Day 08 : Final interview of candidates by the client and trade tests where applicable.

Medical Check-up
All the selected candidates are sent for medical fitness check-up in the Government authorized Medical Centers.

Visa Process
Only those candidates who are medically fit and available for travel are processed for Visa.

The objective of orientation is to inform the candidates about the employing country, climatic conditions, jobs, culture, environment, laws & regulations before their departure. This could help them to adjust to their new environment quickly and perform well in their job.